Uncover Opportunity in The Diversity of Your      Customers:
One Advertiser’s Journey to Customer-segment        Marketing Mix Models

Customer segmentation is a proven insights tool that can produce fresh views of the marketplace, guiding brands to strategic innovations. It’s not necessary to understand each consumer. Understanding like-minded groups of consumers is more than adequate and much more feasible.

As market-level marketing mix models begin to feel outdated, not up to the task of guiding precision targeted marketing campaigns, and as attribution models are increasingly threatened, we see highly granular marketing mix models as a fresh solution.

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Kellogg’s_ Faster MMM Turnaround

For FMCG companies, one of the main challenges for the brands they manage is the allocation of the marketing budget specifically across Media & Trade .

Multi-Product Modeling for CPG

A CPG company is interested in measuring the effectiveness of the Marketing activities of 9 of their Stock Keeping Units (SKU) which are under the same Brand Umbrella.

Data Preparation MassFeeds

The objective is to reduce the time spent on data preparation from diverse data sources and redeploy the gained time in other parts of the project that can bring higher value.