MASS Analytics had the pleasure of participating and being an official sponsor of I-COM Summit experience in its 2020 edition. The gathering of the Marketing Data Analytics elite is the world’s leading Marketing Data & Measurement Strategy event. I-COM Global is where the who’s who from smart data marketing from around the world gather to inspire, connect and develop.

This year the Summit consisted of a digital gathering in a series of 3.5-hour daily sessions held over the course of 12 business days. Attendees enjoyed world-class speakers and unparalleled online networking opportunities through social events and interactive breakout sessions, designed with the purpose of facilitating meaningful connections. The well-coordinated event involved keynotes featuring tech giants like Google, Facebook, Pinterest and various social activities involving delicacies from all over the world.

MASS Analytics Presents Agile Marketing Mix Modeling with Sam’s Club

Dr.Firas Jabloun presents MASS Analytics' Agile MMM with Sam's Club Markus Dmytrzak during I-COM Summit.

Dr.Firas Jabloun presents MASS Analytics’ Agile MMM with Sam’s Club Markus Dmytrzak during I-COM.

Our CTO Dr. Firas Jabloun gave a presentation alongside Senior Director of Advanced Analytics and Decision Sciences at Sam’s Club, Markus Dmytrzak. Entitled “Balancing the Role of the Agency, In-House Teams & Tech Partners”, the presentation illustrated a more agile Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) workflow. Dr. Jabloun and our partner Markus Dmytrzak from Sam’s Club showcased the benefits this approach brings to project different stakeholders. The presentation ended with a call to normalize the described practice. Encouraging other verticals to adopt the proposed measurement framework can generate better overall efficiency in the smart data marketing community.

The co-presentation was an opportunity to introduce Mass Analytic’s Agile MMM approach. Through Agile MMM, projects can be run more efficiently with faster and more frequent updates. Agile Marketing Mix Modeling also enables collaboration between the company and different partners without having to expose 1st party data. The added collaborative workflow between the client, the agency, and the tech provider:

  • Helps shorten project duration and refresh time
  • Facilitates knowledge transfer to in-house teams
  • Brings down costs to achieve a higher MROI
  • Maintains full data confidentiality and protection.

Markus Dmytrzak affirmed this adding value during the presentation. He stated “Partnering up with MASS Analytics, we immediately saw huge benefits. One of which is building a unified measurement solution in-house where we have better control over the output. It supported all of our other measurement methods and made the entire MMM process more robust.”

“We relied heavily on the great consulting services by MASS Analytics. No matter if its from data collection, data transformation or modeling phase, we gained a lot of knowledge from MASS analytics and the work they do with their clients.”

I-COM Summit Experience in a Nutshell

Overall, I-COM Global Digital Summit was a unique opportunity to explore in a trusted environment the forefront of the Data and Media measurement paradigm. Participants showcased various use cases and valuable insights on the future of marketing measurement and data science. The Summit enabled an intimate open atmosphere for the attendees to build their Data Ecosystem dream team by being invitation-only, premium, and artistically crafted. MASS Analytics is pleased to take on the stage with Sam’s Club in such a prestigious event. As always, we are affirming our commitment to providing the best Marketing Mix Modeling services and software solutions to our partners.