How Customer-segment MMM benefited this Client from the Financial Sector

Tree Bank Use Case

When MASS Analytics partnered with Tree Bank, the latter were suffering from 4.5% YoY decrease in their customers’ acquisition. This was especially worrying because of their substantial increase of 16% in their marketing budget. The main goal of the partnership was to build bespoke Marketing Mix Models to dissect the drastic drop in acquisition and understand its causes, and to measure the efficiency of Tree Bank’s marketing actions and their impact on sales.

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Publicis Groupe _Growing MMM Turnaround

The Marketing Effectiveness market is heading towards bigger demand and faster turnaround for the advertisers to be able to action the results and strategic recommendation derived from the Marketing Effectiveness project.

Multi-Product Modeling for CPG

A CPG company is interested in measuring the effectiveness of the Marketing activities of 9 of their Stock Keeping Units (SKU) which are under the same Brand Umbrella.

Data Preparation MassFeeds

The objective is to reduce the time spent on data preparation from diverse data sources and redeploy the gained time in other parts of the project that can bring higher value.