Integrated Measurement Approach – Retailer Use Case

Integrated Measurement Approach – Retailer Use Case

A major retailer wanted to create a unified measurement framework where all measurement methods are brought together. To achieve that goal, the company teamed up with MASS Analytics to better align the different tools and methodologies used. The key goals behind this collaboration were to achieve higher MROI across the measurement framework and better implementation efficiency.  

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Kellogg’s_ Faster MMM Turnaround

For FMCG companies, one of the main challenges for the brands they manage is the allocation of the marketing budget specifically across Media & Trade .

A Successful Recipe for MMM in-housing – CPG Use Case

A major CPG brand operating in multiple countries expressed the desire to in-house part of their MMM projects related to specific brands in some countries. The international brand collaborated with MASS Analytics to create an agile, swift, and secure internal Marketing Mix Modeling process.

Data Preparation MassFeeds

The objective is to reduce the time spent on data preparation from diverse data sources and redeploy the gained time in other parts of the project that can bring higher value.