Configure Configure - MASS Analytics MMM Master Classes

Episode 4
Data Exploration

Episode 8
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Episode 1
Intro to MMM

Episode 2
MMM Workflow

Episode 3
Data Required in MMM

Episode 5
Data Processing

Episode 6
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Episode 7
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MASS Analytics Master Classes are designed to help you master the full process of delivering a marketing effectiveness project. Useful insights and tips are shared to help you develop an in-depth knowledge around MMM. Whether you are an advertiser or an agency, you will find in these classes all what you need to know to run MMM projects effectively and efficiently.

Episode 2: The Marketing Mix Modeling Workflow

A successful MMM exercise needs to be reliable, repeatable, scalable, and accessible to people with little marketing analytics background. Adhering to a clear and structured workflow is therefore a must.

Discover the workflow and the different phases involved in the process of creating an efficient Marketing Mix Modeling project end-to-end.

Episode 2 outline:

1) The Standard Analytics’ Workflow

2) The MMM Workflow

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