MMM Master Classes Season 3

This season’s topics were born out of the pain points we saw arising as the marketing measurement industry started moving past the techniques that relied on third party cookies

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Tips To Succeed Your MMM In-housing

Episode 1

Is in-housing Marketing Mix Modeling right for you?  Watch this video to learn the advantages and costs of bringing your MMM in-house. Discover how to assess whether in-housing is the right choice for your organization and how to maximize the value of your MMM.

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Granularity in Marketing Measurement (MMM)

Episode 2

Granularity is the holy grail of all marketers in relation to marketing measurement. It depends on the type of business modeled and the precision of the business questions that should be answered. It is done within the boundaries of the granularity trinity, which three dimensions of granularity are as follows: – Variables – Regions – Customer Segments

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Episode 3

Understanding and mastering the metrics in Marketing Mix Modeling is critical for any company looking to optimize their marketing strategies and increase their ROI. By analyzing these metrics, businesses can make more informed budget allocation decisions, optimize marketing campaigns, and improve overall performance.

More episodes coming soon!