The “Model” module allows you to build and estimate models using different advanced algorithms (log-linear, pooled, nested, etc.). You can build models manually, use a genetic algorithm (auto-modeler), or a combination of both.

Different cuts of your results (regions, channels, periods, products, etc.) could be easily extracted to fit your specific needs.


Model Features

✓ Auto-modeler based on genetic algorithm

✓ Pooled modeling for granular regional/store analysis

✓ Nested modeling allowing the decomposition of direct and indirect impacts

✓ Loglinear modeling with a powerful proprietary decomposition method and synergy effect computation

✓ Contribution & ROI calculation with a strong visualization capability (AVM, Model Statistics, Contribution, and Waterfall Charts, etc.)

✓ Flexible results extraction (bespoke results cut: regions, channels, periods, products, etc.)

✓ Results ready for ingestion by major BI software (Tableau, Power BI, etc.)