The COVID-19 pandemic created profound disruptions in the way people live, work, and buy. In the midst of it all, Advertisers and retailers had to adjust their media spend and advertising strategies to better meet their organizational goals. During the imposed confinement, Mass Analytics gathered the Marketing Measurements industry’s leading experts to share their thoughts on what is happening in their perspective organizations, and give us some valuable advice.

Ajay is a Business & Marketing Analytics leader with over 10 years of experience with FMCG (Supermarket) data. Working in a variety of roles ranging from Descriptive, Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics, he manages the Market Mix Modeling Program for European Business. The role puts a prime focus on quality and on-time delivery to drive fact-based decisions in the organization.

How is the recent COVID-19 outbreak impacting your day to day work life and what steps are you taking to cope with this?

Covid-19 has impacted our planning for this year drastically on mainly three main areas:

  1. Media: As you can imagine, a complete revamp of our media plans was necessary as the new reality came to life. Unfortunately, the planned campaigns and creatives would have been completely out of context due to social distancing. Over-night we had to come up with new ways to communicate with our consumers & shoppers. “Raise your bowl for Front line workers” was a campaign where Kellogg Donated 15 million food servings across European food banks. The support from our media agencies and Cross-functional teams and partners was phenomenal; it would not have been possible without them.
  2.  Promotions: Due to country lockdown, our in-store promotions, secondary displays, and various other elements that amplify the shopping experience went out of the window. We had to think of innovative ways to stay connected in these unprecedented times and drive value for our customers.
  3. Supply chain: We saw a spike in sales; it was clear from our customer/retailer demands that we had to engage resources to stay on top of the supply. Salute to our Kellogg front line workers i.e. Supply Chain who delivered for our customers and continue to do so.

In summary, a lot has changed on both business and personal fronts, working from home, juggling with kids, and busy work at the same time. Insights and Analytics play a key role in these exceptional circumstances to future-proof our business.

“The art here is to master how to balance life and how to prioritize during these times.”