London, December 24, 2020  

MASS Analytics, a global leader in marketing analytics, announced that it has become an official Facebook MMM Partner. Through this Partnership, MASS Analytics will now include advertising information from Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network in the Marketing Mix Modeling software MassTer.  

“Marketing mix modeling is used to analyze how different marketing channels, such as TV, radio, print and digital, drive sales,” says Facebook. “This enables measurement partners to incorporate the Facebook family of apps and services into their marketing mix model analyses and strategies.” Facebook’s MMM partnership program will provide accurate Facebook data for MASS Analytics clients’ MMM models. Having access to accurate and timely data is critical for the granular estimation of media impact through MMM. 

As a Facebook MMM Partner, MASS Analytics will be able to access advertising data directly from Facebook, Instagram, and Audience Network. This will allow for more accurate and actionable insights for advertisers who engage in cross-channel measurement and planning. 

These enhanced capabilities will be available for all MASS Analytics clients who leverage Facebook properties for marketing and advertising in order to: 

  • Adjust MMM project timeframes: Look at shorter time frames when accounting for channels such as Facebook. 
  • Use the right insights: Utilize inputs such as paid impressions that enable effective comparisons. 
  • Contextualize performance: Account for differences in media and creative quality in marketing Mix Models. 
  • Calibrate and test: Run experiments to check assumptions and optimize Marketing Mix Models. 

By utilizing better data and modeling techniques MMM can be made faster, more sensitive, more actionable and minimize analyst bias. Contemporary MMMs can become the go-to method to allocate media budgets and forward scenario planning more frequently. 

About MASS Analytics

Mass Analytics offers state-of-the-art Marketing Analytics & Software Solutions that help optimize marketing budget, achieve maximum ROI, and predict future performance. Our rich international experience in Marketing Mix Modeling and predictive modeling is grounded in our user-friendly yet sophisticated suite of tools and solutions. We help Marketers and advertisers measure their Return on Marketing Investment (MROI) by providing them with bespoke MMM tools allowing the thorough analysis of marketing data. To learn more about MASS Analytics’ Marketing Mix Modeling solutions, visit MASS Analytics solutions page.