A new survey of data scientists found that they spend most of their time cleaning the data rather than mining or modeling data. With Mass-Tools, the process takes only a few days to setup, analyse, optimise, and understand any amount of data.

How does it work?

The best way to overcome the limitation of time is by automating some of your processes so once you get the data from the client let it work its magic.



Data sources have non-unified data formats Mass-Feeds solve this issue by processing the data received from the clients and generate a formatted output files. The big advantage is our platform can be easily extended with new data sources without any disruption.



With MassTer you can explore the data and create thousands of processed variables in a few second using the module process, builds several models manually or automatically, generated based on the constraints, analyse the results and save reports that will be automatically loaded from Excel.



While humans took months for decoding their prediction algorithms, MassTer-Insight did the same in just a few seconds. It’s a simple-to-use a solution that helps optimise the marketing mix. It works based on the constraints either by channel or per period for the sales drivers.



MassTer is easily coupled with Excel through MassTer-Server. Saved results with MassTer can be displayed in simple charts or tables in Excel.

Mass-Tools allows you to focus on more important things, understand the key drivers of your sales’ performance, and identify the strengths and weaknesses of your marketing programs. It advises you on the best strategies to implement to maximise you Marketing ROI, reach your targets and optimise your budgets.