Whitepaper - MMM in the Wake of a Pandemic - Insights from Industry Experts

Whitepaper: MMM in the Wake of a Pandemic – Insights from Industry Experts

During the imposed confinement, Mass Analytics gathered the Marketing Measurements industry’s leading experts to share their thoughts on what is happening in their perspective organizations and give us some valuable advice. In this whitepaper, we compiled their thoughts and what they had to say regarding the topic ...
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Whitepaper: Your Guide to Embracing Contemporary Marketing Measurement

Marketing is a dynamic field that keeps increasing in importance year over year. Consumers’ interactions with brands, as well as their responses to marketing activities, are constantly evolving through paid, owned, and earned media. One of the primary problems facing this development is how to adopt effective measuring methodologies for ...
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One Advertiser’s Journey to Customer-segment Marketing Mix Models

Uncover Opportunity in The Diversity of Your      Customers:One Advertiser's Journey to Customer-segment        Marketing Mix ModelsCustomer segmentation is a proven insights tool that can produce fresh views of the marketplace, guiding brands to strategic innovations. It’s not necessary to understand each consumer. Understanding like-minded groups of ...
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