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MASS Analytics aims to help you make more accurate and data-driven decisions to better improve your Media Allocation Strategy. Whether you are a media agency, an analytics agency, or an advertiser, our Marketing Mix Modeling tools will help you improve your marketing ROI and get the most out of your budget, each time. You can find useful information about MASS Analytics solutions, software, and support services in these concise fact sheets we have prepared for you. 

Our team of Marketing Measurement experts is ready to help you take your measurement strategy to the next level. If you have any more questions or want to try one of our solutions, please reach out to us by requesting a demo.

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MassTer Fact Sheet

Marketing Mix Modeling Software

Our Marketing Mix Modeling software MassTer offers a modern approach of running Marketing Mix Modeling projects. With its user-friendly and end-to-end interface, MassTer helps analytical teams perform MMM projects more efficiently. 

Take a glance at our different MassTer’s factsheets to know more.  

MassTer Insight

MassTer Insight Fact Sheet

Data Optimization Tool

Find out how MassTer Insight, our standalone optimization tool can help you leverage modeling results by running optimization and simulations to harness the full potential of your Marketing Mix Model.

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Online Training Platform

Online Training Platform Fact Sheet

Marketing Mix Modeling E-learning Platform

Discover how you can master Marketing Mix Modeling methodology and project workflow using our tailored resources on the Online Training Platform. Our e-learning courses user certification provides your team with the training you require to become familiar with our products.   

Download the factsheet for more information. 

MassFeeds Logo

MassFeeds Fact Sheet

Data Preparation Tool

Being able to prepare and process data efficiently and accurately is crucial to all organizations, regardless of size. We recognize the stakes for managing data and using it effectively for analytics. MassFeeds is here to help you accelerate and facilitate that process, with minimal effort.

Check our prepared fact sheet for more details on MassFeeds.  

Consultancy Services Fact Sheet

Marketing Mix Modeling Consultancy Services

At MASS Analytics, we offer a wide spectrum of consultancy services to ensure our clients are equipped with the right capabilities to successfully complete their projects in-house.

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