Behind The Scenes of Optimization
Use Case

Behind The Scenes of Optimization Use Case

Some of the business points, for which the client wanted answers, included the total impact of marketing on their sales; the most effective media channel on an aggregate, and detailed, level; the effect of cannibalization; the impact of their competitors’ strategy; and the impact of COVID-19. But most importantly, they wanted to identify the optimal allocation of the budget across their media channels. 

To answer the client’s multilayered questions, the modeling results were analyzed on a granular, as well as an aggregate, level. Digital Media is a case in point, in that, it was analyzed holistically, then broken down based on different touchpoints like Facebook, Instagram etc. Another example is TV; it was analyzed holistically and by spot length. The last step was Optimization. Its purpose was to evaluate the client’s new strategy and uncover the optimal media mix, given that in the recent years it was mainly based on digital media. 

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