Use Cases

Budget Setting & Optimization

A large broadcaster used our tools to perform a large-scale marketing effectiveness project covering all their products to optimise media budget across countries, products, media channels and periods.

Kellogg’s_ Faster MMM Turnaround

For FMCG companies, one of the main challenges for the brands they manage is the allocation of the marketing budget specifically across Media & Trade .

Measuring Sales Drivers & ROI

A leading brand used MassTer to uncover the drivers of their sales, measure the ROI and contributions of their marketing programs. Results led to 15% improvement in the performance of the media budget.

Digital Media Measurement & Optimization

A major Telecom operator used MassTer to measure the impact of Paid, Owned and Earned Media on the customer path to purchase and sales performance. Results were then used to ptimize spend across these channels.

Promotions’ Optimization

A leading CPG (FMCG) brand used MassTer to uncover the most effective promotional mechanic that delivers the best sales performance. Results were used to optimize and decide between different promotional strategies.

Publicis Groupe _Growing MMM Turnaround

The Marketing Effectiveness market is heading towards bigger demand and faster turnaround for the advertisers to be able to action the results and strategic recommendation derived from the Marketing Effectiveness project.

Multi-Product Modeling for CPG

A CPG company is interested in measuring the effectiveness of the Marketing activities of 9 of their Stock Keeping Units (SKU) which are under the same Brand Umbrella.

Data Preparation MassFeeds

The objective is to reduce the time spent on data preparation from diverse data sources and redeploy the gained time in other parts of the project that can bring higher value.

Airline_MMM Measurement to Cope with Crisis

As COVID-19 hit hard the world, airline companies found themselves in a situation where they needed to react fast to minimize the impact of the crisis on their performance. Using MASS Analytics’ expertise and technology, we helped our client better grasp the situation and answered detailed business questions related to the impact of COVID-19 on main KPIs.

Pharma_Optimizing Media Spending to Maximize ROI

A major pharmaceutical client reached out to MASS Analytics to run a marketing effectiveness project, measuring Sales drivers, media performance, and interactions between different product formats.

Measuring Marketing Mix Effectiveness Across Direct & Indirect Activities for a Large Charitable Organization

A large British charity helps hundreds of children battle the most complex illnesses every day. To maximize its Impact, the organization needed to Identify the Most Effective Marketing Mix Across Direct & Indirect Activities by using Marketing Mix Modeling.

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